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I summarize tygerr's Theory of Midlife Crisis: "It takes a certain amount of throwing-self-at-walls before adulthood is achieved. If it doesn't happen in youth when it should have happened, it keeps trying to happen until it does."

To do: write up the most recent news post.

Fic Rec: "Black Widow" (Pansy/Tom) NC-17 I want this to be canon so badly. Not JKR's version of this, but this.

Must pick up load of (probably bad) romance novels research material from easalle, any time she's ready for that.

Management at my apartment complex has changed again. No news about what happened to the Red-Haired Maintenance Witch. I hope she's OK. I have no connection to these new people. I should probably make some, because I'm decent at connecting with people and getting to be liked, if thought of as totally wacked.

My teeth are not happy with me. The lower left side of my mouth, it hurts. I suspect this is related to the Filling that Fate Hated.

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