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Azure Jane Lunatic

Work, and pranks.

Today was a 16.5 hour shift at work. Shawn said that I work crazy too much. In this case, the long shift was kind of a lot for the making up on the having flaked out some earlier in the week. No overtime for Loonie.

I may well go for an extra Monday shift, just so's I can get the hours in while they're there.

Re-organization starts to go live this week-ish. Happy fucking April Fool's Day.

Speaking of which, the Pink Menace is planned to go in. I am part of like 5 different April Fool schemes:
  1. The Pink Menace. I conspire with Stressy College Chick on this one, and am planning on getting Rev. Not-So-Nice Super in on it, as it's a physical humor thing, and he needs to be part of the in-crowd on those.

  2. Blue hair. Just me.

  3. Something (small) to get Stressy College Chick on the day before the 1st. Just because. So she won't be suspecting ... (With Homie G and Shocking Gum Super, and probably Rev. NSNS)

  4. Something (big) to get Stressy College Chick, on the day of. (Same crowd. My idea was the one-two prank.)

  5. Fake a dialer crash. (with Stressy College Chick)

Someone's going to get me soooo good...

Yesterday there was a fake phone call in for Stressy College Chick. The boys co-opted me in to the prank, because I take phone messages all the time for people. It was some random former co-worker allegedly calling her. They played it really well. If they'd taken the fake message, she'd have smelled a rat. (Was simple and harmless -- said former co-worker who she's not got much history with calling and saying he missed her. Callback number bogus and under the control of Homie G.)

I am playing my own side in all of this, needless to say.

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