Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Off to a late start, but off to go give plasma!

I got a new headset the other day at Target. It jumped out just after I'd modified the other one to be workable. This one looks like one of the work headsets, only it's got a fuzzy mic cover and one of those little headset jacks instead of the rj-11 jacks like the work headsets.

It was flaky, but I realized that the flake was due to it not fitting in the phone very well (the rubberplastic on the jack was jamming into the phone where it isn't flat, and forcing the jack out of the socket) so I trimmed the rubberplastic with fingernail clippers, and now it's in like Flynn.

I've been religiously taking my St. John's Wort, and it's caused an incredible improvement in my general status. At baseline, before the teenage stuff hit, I was/am a very happy person. I get upset, I get mad, I get cranky when I haven't had enough sleep, but I'm generally happy.

This is bringing that back. So I've been giggling and bursting into song here and there a lot at work. My co-workers are glad that I'm so chipper.

I really need to load that song onto the Loony Stick for the co-workers to appreciate. I should really be using the jump drive more often... that way, I can justify getting a rubber-bracelet jump drive. Hey, it could be a modern ID bracelet, really... ooo, I wonder if that would catch on at CTY? I wonder if they're going to come out in that horrid color of pastel green any time soon.

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