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Azure Jane Lunatic

Am I actually going to get some sleep?

I was going to go and put the NIC in Allegra, then hit bed early. I was also going to work on Circle of Fire. Instead, I've been reading the archives of "Questionable Content" and totally vegging while my hair dries.

Whoever was wanting it, I found it.

Apropos of something small with too many legs in an RSS feed comment thread:
While I describe myself as polyamorous, it seems like >95% of polyamorous people wouldn't have what it takes to even begin to petition Darkside for his sign-off on getting into my pants. That's probably also because >99.99999% of people in general don't have what it takes. To date, Darkside has only ever recommended Mr. Shallow, of all the people I've expressed a passing or more-than-passing interest in.

In the past year, I've expressed a more-than-passing interest in figment0.
In the past three, it's been the Figment, The-Sith, Mr. Shallow, and maybe Yakky (not sure on the time-frame any more).

Adam was playing poly by some scary-bad rules, back in the day.

There are a lot of poly people who do the swinger/free love thing. And while that may be their bag, they're very welcome to it, because it's not my bag. I fall very strongly in love, and very strictly in love; it's just that I don't fall out of love before falling in love again. The thought of sex without love is very personally distasteful to me, and, again, YMMV, but that's yours. I'm very much polyfi.

Aside from the "must be nifty person" thing, and the "must poke the right buttons", I have a very strict "must not be engaged in nasty self-destructive stuff" restriction when looking at people with an eye to dating them.

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