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Things from this morning before I left!

Disturbing phrases: The calling of the male genitals "junk" is disturbing, enough so that I might not want the genitals of someone who calls them "my junk" anywhere near my own genitals. I don't call my own genitals "The Sacred Flower of the Divine Hoo-Ha" or anything; they're just a part of my body that's occasionally particularly interesting (and occasionally particularly annoying), but I don't want for anyone to be putting junk in it.

Link for supplemental information for the Geek Housekeeping: Surprising Expiration Dates

Poly Fun: Polyamory came up in discussion with amberfox, in connection with some friends. To wit: the Amoeba. (Non-Bujold-List folks possibly won't know who I'm talking about. Listees past & present may well recognize the name.)
amberfox: "So a MMOR, then."
azurelunatic: "Huh?"
amberfox: "Massively Multiplayer Online Relationship."
azurelunatic: *sporfle* "MMORNC-17?"
amberfox: "Not that all of the RPGs are particularly PG, mind you."

Penny Arcade: Jesus is my Guild Leader design.

zoethe rants: Take your screaming children OUT of the restaurant. (She did with hers. Now it's your turn.)

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