Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Prueba: uno, dos, tres...

A good night out had by all! Howling laughter, breaking in new waitstaff (we are always cheerful and we tip decently, but have a large party, a split check, complex orders, and special things), conversation about sex toys, a new Dreadful Flavor Combination was discovered (pbj and mayo on scrambled eggs is out, and tuna and licorice -- I say black is worse than the movie-red -- is in), and the word count is nearly up to 5,000.

Recovered the movie from D's, encountered a Figment, and plotted for the upcoming holiday.

Came home to a frantic-sounding message from work on the machine as of 3:15 today. Um, that was so when I was giving plasma. And no answer when I called -- they must have all gone home, as the Figment had gotten out early.

Hope it's not too dreadfully urgent.

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