Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Major Holiday

Showed up at work resplendent in my blacks, with short black-and-blue messy wig on, the Pink Cloak, and the Pink Menace (giant AirZooka from Guide Dog Aunt, who found it at Edmunds Scientific).

Rev. Not-So-Nice Super is not good at being at the receiving end of a prank, but loves dishing it out. (He can take a certain amount of verbal banter.) I knew he'd hate the device forever if I got him with it. Instead, I showed it to him and let him use it all morning long. Comic Pirate Super squeaked the first time he got it, and proceeded to jump every time after. (I think I demonstrated on him first.)

Comic Pirate Super personally greeted each and every one of his people, like a bad parody of the 50s. Rev. Not-So-Nice Super greeted everyone with the Pink Menace (except for the people we thought might not react so well and the people in more fragile health).

I "called in" from the cellphone when standing by the door, and came in to find my desktop's contents overturned.

Homie G loosened the power cord to Stressy College Chick's flatscreen monitor, and taped her phone cord (on the plug, letting it plug in but insulating the contacts). Nicely done.

The Pink Menace won the day.

After the work was done, I called Darkside. He was not entirely available, but he was the hell home. So I went over. Happy April Fool's Day. I had evidently come in at the beginning of a Family Star Wars Marathon. I curled up on the couch.

Malfoy Senior was evidently in a hilariously playful mood, and started a waterfight with his wife. This led to what seemed to be a Wet Nightshirt Contest. Darkside and I first hid, then Darkside hustled me out so that I would be able to avoid his parents being embarrassing. (There was something in the air, and Darkside would probably have been more receptive to it if his parents hadn't gotten there first.)

I de-stressed to him somewhat. It was a long day.

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