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Azure Jane Lunatic

Smokin' in the boys^h^h^h^h laundry room...

Dear Addicted Asshat,

My friends-who-smoke and I have a little agreement. They smoke in their Personal Spaces (cars, houses, whatever) or outside. I don't visit rooms they smoke in, don't ride with them, or stand upwind of them. I try not to give them too much grief, since it's their lungs and not mine. They somehow manage to avoid being asshatted with this.

You were smoking in the common laundry room of the apartment complex. Inside. Inside a not entirely well-ventilated quasi-public space.

It's not like this is winter in Alaska or summer here in Phoenix. The average temperature inside the laundry room is now approximately the same as the average outside temperature. There is no excuse for smoking inside the laundry room that everyone is supposed to be able to use.

the Lunatic

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