Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

The Fashion Police strike again

Writing note: Michael's shirt choice is deliberate. There was a general howl of laughter when I described him. (Michael is first seen wearing a yellow plaid shirt unbuttoned over a disreputable Slackware t-shirt, and then gets referred to by "the nasty mustard plaid shirt".) That outfit is a combination of Geekboy Stereotypes, enough so that a collection of non-geek ladies can recognize it.

And purple is the hot new color for guys. Ones who can pull it off, that is. Lavender plaid is a bold fashion choice for many, but some people can pull it off. The one dude's eye-searing striped 800080, DDA0DD, and ADFF2F shirt is fashionably Wrong. It looks absolutely dreadful, but he has the whole blatantly outrageous thing going, and can pull it off.


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