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Whims of the workplace.

"any port in a storm"; this would make a very bad punchline to some kind of computer pun. Couldn't find a setup to fit it, though.

The other one is someone who's got file-sharing apps using ports 1000-10,000 all busily downloading pr0n -- he's got a girl in every port! (Unless it's gay male, but we're not going to go there for the purposes of this pun, though it would make a slashgirl's heart oh-so-very-happy.)

Monitoring. Right now is that lull between midshift and nightshift, when all midshift have been monitored and nightshift has not showed yet.

New structure means that the new sub-managers get the minuses, not the Main Dude. There is no Shift Ops Supervisor as of next week.

Cinderella is the sub-manager on duty, and is a little annoyed that she has to do all the minuses given that no other sub-managers are about.

New hires. Driveway nuts.

.... zomg wtf driveway nuts new hire mania bad wrong scary not verbatim not even remotely connected to reality or professionalism. To quote the Princess: "He's a pain in the ass."

The Definitive Old Lady (she of the red wide-plaid sweater and the white-to-pink hair) is out. I may wind up picking up some of her interviewers... or not. Since I may well be engaged in monitoring up until my time to go home, and I plan on bugging out at the requisite time.

My time of exit is 7pm. Break is typically at 6pm for most phone goons. I have 1/2 hour of mandatory cleanup to do. So whatever I'm not done with by 6, unless they feel like they want to get me to stay, I'm OUT!

(There's a thing with "Whoever needs help, I'm OUT!" at the workplace; it's short for "Unless anybody else needs help, I'm OUT!") It's very badly clichéd.

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