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Writing group notes

"After Blak & Dirt, we're going to have Smut!" --M (Her ginseng beverage smells like the dirt component of BPAL's Rose Red.)

*bright idea* Hmm, I wonder if I could set up my own remote ISP, especially if calls between home phone and cellphone are free. (Are they?) Keep a box on at home, connected to Ye Olde Broadband. Set up the box at home to accept incoming calls & share network connection. Set the laptop up to talk to the cellphone.

It would tie up the phone line something fierce, but it would give me connectivity anywhere within the Qwest network.

(This, apropos of trying to get meacu1pa's laptop connected via mine.)

Vampire games -> I vant to suck your BLaK -> blood of the master

Cat sound effect. (mrrr?) Chicken sound effect. (Bgerrrk!) Dog sound effect. (Aroo?)

A female is still a master. Transgendered vampire crossover craziness.

"You're somewhere weird with sushi and vampire penises. You squicked the slash writer."

"Blog of shadows."

Ack, allergies. Sneezing brains out is not a good thing.

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