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April Showers

news: Happy April Fool's Day! ♥ to our pirates!
  • OMGZ userpic tool for all you n00bs who don't have PhotoShop, don't know your way around Paint, and aren't rockin' the GIMP.
  • We listen! We care! We tried to use Memories too and were just as pissed as you! Yay fixed memories (we hope)!!
  • New: We mail you stuff! Like, news and new features & shit. And maybe even when someone adds you, but don't quote us, 'kay?
  • Oh, and design contest for layouts! With super prizes!
  • 10 millionth LJ account EVAR soon to be signing up!
  • Navigation strip turn on! View all friendspage! For great justice!

Pic-Happy Users: OMG! Just what I needed to crop & shrink pics for LJ to fill up all my empty userpic slots! ♥ you so much!
Advanced Pic-Happy Users: Somebody's easily amused.
Pic-Happy Users: ... How come I get the Userpic Factory thing when I try to upload my perfectly legal icon? Huh?
Support Volunteers: ... because it's 41k or 102x102 pixels?
Pic-Happy Users: *facepalm* ...nevermind.
Pic-Happy Users: Hey! How come I'm getting an error?
Support Volunteers: Are you trying to load a .JPG, or something else?
Pic-Happy Users: You mean it only takes .JPGs? Damn.

Grammar Bitch User #1: 'EVAR'?

System Style Users: Whee, navbar! Navbar is love!
Custom Style Users: ... What navbar?
Fragile Style Users: Navbar broke my style!
Paranoid Users: Navbar's shaped just like a banner ad. Kind of suspicious, huh? Huh?
Style Whores: Yay Navbar! ...Can I get it in blinkie pink to match my journal, plzkthx?
Hardcore Style Whores: $4,000 for making a style? I'm in!
Filter Whores: Wow, communities separated? So cool. I could have used this a long time ago.
Support Volunteers: Um, that filtering feature? Been around like forever.
Filter Whores: ...Oh. Really? Wow. *blush*

Grammar Bitch User #2: 'EVAR'?!

Feature Whore Users: Santa, want to see my list?
brad: Lemme see. Oh, that one? Coding it as we speak.
Feature Whore Users: YAAAAY!
Different Feature Whore Users: Does that mean editing comments too?
frank: I eat comments. And pants. Does that count?
Cynical Users: Like you should trust the average LJ user with a comment s/he can edit. Hello, flamewar.
Old-School Feature Diehards: Birthday notifications? Hello? Hello? O? o? o? *echo fades off into emptiness*

Grammar Bitch User #3: 'EVAR'?!?

9,999,998 LJ Users: So much ♥!! So totally sorry we were ragging on y'all last time.
Cynical Users: Well, looks like you got a few things right ... this time.

Grammar Bitch User #4: 'EVAR'?!?!

Random User: 10,000,000? That's a lot of accounts.
User Who's Been Around Awhile: Yeah, but how many are active?
User Who's Been Around Longer: They should give old accounts special propz.
Early Adopters: Show some respec', foo.

Grammar Bitch User #5: 'EVAR'?!?!!

Slashdot User: First Comment!
LJ Popular Post Commenter: First Page!
Random User: OMG comments!
azurelunatic: GreaseMonkey LJ Thread Unfolder is love. And. 'EVAR'?!?!!?

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