Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

I think I'm awake; I think I'm alive.

Like sionainn, I love the fact that Gmail serves up spam recipes with the spam-box. Something at least halfway useful, though I can't imagine that I'd touch real Spam-in-a-can either.

Today is a morning for allergies, just as last night was a night for trying to sleep and being all congested, but being too tired to do anything about it other than toss and turn!

My schedule says I start at 8. This makes me all kinds of happy. I'm starting at around 34.25 hours this morning, right, so I'm definitely over the 35 they wanted me to have for the week.

We're off on Easter Sunday. We just got word from the office yesterday. I plastered the building with signs. Either the office will replace them come Monday, or ...

Oh, crapweasels. We've known about the clients in the building how long, and we haven't put signs up yet? Someone in the office is not on the ball about these things, and should it be my responsibility to remember them, given that the quasi-secretarial position that I had been in is now almost entirely officially vanished? I am coming in for a client call for $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB on Monday (tomorrow) for three hours. The clients are going to be in the building all week. At least I'll have two days off, even though one of them doesn't count.

I'm wondering if the writing group hasn't outgrown the women's center.

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