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His user interface is pastede on yay.

Darkside is bad at UI. I know I consider his Web Design class web page an instant loser in design. Apparently he does too.

Darkside's father, Malfoy Senior, is worse at UI, given that Darkside immediately called his page to my memory, and then dismissed it as the lesser of two evils.

Darkside is designing a database. The client is his father.
The client insists that
  1. the thing look professional
  2. and that
  3. he pick the color scream scheme himself

Now. We can have one of these things, but not both. Darkside has said this. Repeatedly. But. The old man insists "The client is always right!"

The designer, meanwhile, has developed notable strands of white in his dreadful haircut. (Given that UI is a major source of debate now, instead of just a minor one, looks like the actual operating issues have been solved.)

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