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Work! Brokeback, spreadsheets. (Brokeback spreadsheets? How do I quit?)

Was training on running $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB today at work. Good times. Explained some of the more obscure commands to Comic Pirate Super, and generally had a good time. Comic Pirate Super has an unfortunate first name. He goes by his middle name, and the consequences to anyone who uses it.

Today was supposed to be a client call, but the clients were actually busy, so we just pretended. Hehe.

Comic Pirate Super runs a brisk little business in shall we say media, and is therefore very interested in new movie releases from rental motion picture shops. He noted that he has certain titles in his library that are very popular, but that he won't probably ever watch himself, from lack of interest. Brokeback Mountain is one of said titles (I believe it's slated for near-future acquisition, rather than has-it-right-now).

I started with the intense snickering, and sighed, "Oh, you heterosexual men."

Pink Shirt Guy pointed out that it's really a good movie, and that if it were girls, the assembled gentlemen would be watching said flick in a heartbeat.

Snapping Gum Super allowed as how that was so, and clarified that it would be front row all the way, baby.

Ahh, how cultured is the workplace.

We're doing a new form to fill out at the end of the night. Given that I am quickly becoming a routine goddess of spreadsheets around the workplace, I noticed that the nastiest part of the new thing is the fact that we've got to do certain tedious calculations. They're perfectly easy, just they take information from about three different places and it has to have random stuff done with it, and it would be so much easier to have the computer do it for you, except it's got to be filled out in such and such a fashion...

Making a second page and having the calculations done on there was almost trivial. Getting the OMGZ YOU DIVIDE BY ZERO!! error to not show up when it wasn't meant to took a bit of doing, but Google was my friend and I found a tutorial for conditional formatting quite handily, and proceeded to apply it, with a few false starts.

Comic Pirate Super saw what I was doing, and should have made me do it all by hand to demonstrate that I knew what I was doing, but he is of the opinion that if you can tell your spreadsheet how to do it, you're in no danger of not knowing how to do it. (He did make me do it all by hand for the out-of-country Spanish-language version of the job, but that was only fair.)

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