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Yesterday Afternoon: the timeline

12 noon: get started working
1:15pm: get started setting up to monitor
1:45pm: "Ooog, dizzy."
2pm: "OK, going to sit in the bathroom for a while."
2:15pm: feeling lousy; going to finish up monitoring ASAP & then go home.
2:30pm: "errrrggggg..." *rush for bathroom*
2:30-2:45pm: *pink hiccups*
2:45pm: *emerge from bathroom* "OK, gotta clean stuff out of monitor room."
3pm: "Eeeyikes." *bathroomrush*
3pm-3:15pm: *pink hiccups*
3:15pm: *emerge from bathroom*
3:15pm-3:30pm: *build up strength to get in car & drive home*
3:30pm-5:30pm: Intermittent sleep/pink hiccups
5:15pm: *realize there is no suitable food in the house* *realize no energy to retrieve apple sauce from car*
5:30pm: *call work* "Hi, message for figment0: can he please drop by my place after he's done with work?"
5:30-9pm *sleep*

[Edit: credit for the phrase "pink hiccups" is to silmarian and wiredferret's small son Baz.]

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