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Uplifting news; snake silliness; LJ is Serious Business.

Good news: Jerry Falwell bitched about, but got told to STFU and/or talk to the hand by the Supreme Court.

cadhla has snakes. Snakes are very, very "smart".

And we're banned from LJ just because
We trolled a newspost and started a big old fuss
It wasn't even goatse; it was just a post or four
But LJ doesn't want us anymore.

lj_ads is open and all that good jazz. I went over there and (fairly politely) expressed my nearly unutterable rage that LJ is using flash ads. The top four things that people didn't want were pop-ups, noise, flash, and over-blinkie-ness. There are no pop-ups, all noise is "on explicit turn-on by user, default to off", there is a policy against over-blinkie -- but flash/shockwave is allowed.

This annoys me for four distinct reasons:

  1. I don't like flash being used for ads. Period.

  2. If you don't have the programs installed, viewing a page with a flash ad will prompt you to install it, and there is no way to tell it "I am never going to install it" or "I do not have rights to install it on this computer".

  3. Flash is typically bandwidth-intensive and processor-intensive.

  4. A whole lot of people voiced their objections to flash at the outset. lj_ads chose to ignore that feedback. They did so at their peril; I have lost a lot of respect for them because of this, and am less inclined to view them favorably. User goodwill is a good thing to have. Goodwill of the woman who writes up the summaries of the news comments is a good thing to have. (Am I going to deliberately try and piss off/be hurtful to lj_ads staff, who are the co-workers of my co-workers in Support? No. Am I going to be half as sympathetic as I otherwise would have been? Not now. Not unless Flash goes away.)

If you oppose the use of Flash/Shockwave in LJ Sponsored+ ads, by all means go over to lj_ads and firmly but politely voice your opposition. Bitching in your own journal won't do much. Bitching in your own journal and repeating it over there in a mature fashion might do a little more.

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