Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

workplace fun of the wilder sort

Talking about Guy Stuff in voices audible in the areas and into the monitor rooms.

Rev. Not-So-Nice Super is shooting rubber bands at people.

... The good Rev. Not-So-Nice Super just shot a rubberband into area 9 from the check-in desk area of the bullpen. He riccocheted it off the ceiling.



"Mike Jones" is afraid he's going to get canned. I don't blame him, because he is actually in danger of that. Talking about where to get crack with a teenage respondent? Oh, yeah.

I am on too much coffee. Or something. I made a fresh pot of it for the workplace.

Dude is really not sitting in his booth very much. Kneeling on the chair and spinning it.

I can let it slide for the rest of the hour, maybe.
...or maybe not.

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