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Tech support and the Code Monkey

Jonathan Coulton: Code Monkey: If you are a code monkey, or love a code monkey, listen to this. Classic rock ballad with a driving beat. (May be slashdotted.)

Apparently the Harry Potter fandom is Dying and Doomed. Because of abandonment, not because of wank. Hysterical crackfic.

Still working with Metal Dave at work; he's officially still Trainee; I seem to have grasped most crucial concepts and have defaulted to being in teacher-mode when in the presence of Metal Dave. There's a feature called PORTINFO that allows one to switch the states of the dialer ports between dialer, paced dialer, and non-dialer; Metal Dave accidentally swapped out the T for an N once. "Um, I think you want PORTINFO," I suggested. "I don't think that one is quite so good for work."

I think we'll be making reference to this one for a while.

"Knowledge, Late in the Day" -- Hornblower slash. A thing of beauty. Keeps well to era in tone of word as far as I can read. Hot. Very hot.

meacu1pa posted a deep piece on sex and spirituality. kellinator, I think you might dig her style.

There's a thing that happens at work often enough when the user knocks the monitor around and winds up dislodging the cord in the back. The monitors are in the booths and wedged just so a jolt like the user bonking into it can do that. The hyper guy who Figment knows, the one on $OTHER_SIDE_JOB, did that today, and he got moved, and then Trendy Chick went over there and looked at the computer. She saw that it wasn't unplugged from the power strip, and the PC was still on. She didn't figure it out; I went over there and figured it out in a matter of moments. I demonstrated how to hug the monitor and grope the plugs. Later on in the day, the former Rules Lawyer Monitor had her monitor go out in just the same fashion. Trendy Chick went over there and did just as demonstrated, and lo and behold! It worked!

I also figured out that the printer can handle multiple requests while warming up. I just have to push "done" after each one before starting the next one. Go, me.

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