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An update full of random...

Work was decent. Ran into about half an hour of downtime partway through. Scribbled madly. Was on the Dendarii Brewing survey: panel to start, recruit after that when the Panel numbers ran out.

Girly Bits: Signs indicate that Bitchy Witchy Week might in fact be arriving, but am not getting overexcited about this.

Wore the hair-wire-fun-thing to work today. The Biker Chick went all squeeful over it when she and I went up to report a funnel empty at the same time. I was glittery too: I periodically slap some of the glitter-in-hairgel-and-glycerin into my hair at night while it's drying, and it remains sparkly all the next day.

It'll be the Princess and me for Tuesday on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB; I'll be monitoring. I prefer monitoring to running the job anyway, I think.

Darkside in this icon looks rather scarily too much like kellinator's boyfriend James. Goofy geekboys are very good to have around. Sexy half-naked geekboys are good too. (That photo makes me feel 15 again.)

...It is geeky of me to overload my system virus scan's scheduled daily scan. Not only is it scanning daily at a specified time as it's supposed to, but it's scanning daily at a specified time selected specifically to act as a bedtime-alarm clock: I am likely to be on my computer at the time of day when the virus scan starts up, and when the virus scan starts up, I know it is definitely time to go to bed...

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