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Making Light said it different and better; I'll go for what they said. Also, links.

My thoughts on the fanfic author publishing the fanfic, and fandom's irate reaction:
It's the righteous indignation of "You've spoiled the party! Now the cops are going to show up and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!"

Maybe some 18-19-20 year olds were getting quietly a little tipsy, and all car keys were safely out of reach, no one was attempting to boink anyone they shouldn't be ... but now that the cops have been called, people who were harmlessly doing something illegal out of sight of the law are exposed to the consequences of getting caught.

And all because some absolute idiot 20-year+360-day-old was drinking, and didn't stop at getting a little tipsy, but got messily drunk and then crashed into a street light. -- fandom poem. -- bad customer service. -- things in the water.

reformat_songs: La Vie Boheme -- this is why I kept up the journal after I realized that I probably was not going to have a world-changing life. I was reading far too much Cyteen, and wanted a backup memory not stored internally.

HIV causing nutritional deficiencies: -- interesting implications! Want to see what happens when something more mainstream gets their hands on the idea.

The Big Meow's mailing list software is broken; I got a blank e-mail from it this morning. Silly thing. dduane has been whacking it with sticks all along to get it to function. The real e-mail is evidently along soonish. (Got it. Yay.)

Re-reading: (yay, Snape/Hermione)
My April: (bookmark for the re-read)

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