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Fanfiction, and those pesky serial numbers

Need to ask around for advice from people who started out in fanfic and wound up going pro-fic, about the differences. Especially for people who started out with fic, realized that these muses can't be written the way they need to be in their own universe, and wound up AU-ing and finally OU-ing and filing off enough serial numbers to make them OCs worthy of publication. I know that thegraybook is a fan writer gone pro. I know that at least one person on the friendslist has muses who are sufficiently discontent with their universe of origin that they're hammering on the walls asking for export.

Writing group helps its own, see.

Though the process can be occasionally hair-raising.

I need, in the morning, to link to that Making Light post, and also do a sum-up of the current situation with that woman who made that bad fanfic decision.

My hair is evidently extremely fine, and very soft. My hair care secrets are as follows:

  • Never leave in a tangle. Detangle or cut.

  • Weed out split ends for less-tangle happiness and overall hair health.

  • Do not overdry by using too much shampoo. Scrub scalp. The rest of the hair will be fine without a complete soaping most of the time, though if there is grunge/dirt/product, this may require actual washing. Occasionally scrub scalp with nasty dandruff shampoo, because I need it. That stuff dries the hair like crazy, so only use a little.

  • Aussie Mega conditioner. (I tried Moist, but it smelled rotten and made me sneeze.)

  • Brush hair in the shower. Only brush wet hair under running water. Never allow hair to dry tangled.

  • Aussie Knot Forgotten conditioner. See above about tangles.

  • Braid hair in shower. Secure braid with elastics that don't tangle. For added win, use the small elastics that look like glorified braces rubberbands to bind the part of the hair that couldn't be braided. This prevents tangles and rather a lot of damage.

  • Spray on a light oil as needed. I like to do this before the hair is dry and before sleep, so that it has a chance to dry and propagate. My favorite oil, I have no idea what the base oil is, but it started life as a "dry body oil spray", and is rose-scented. I'll have to find something else when I run out. Apricot oil is too heavy and makes my hair nasty. I may try almond oil next.

  • Allow hair to dry overnight, naturally, without nasty damaging hairdryers. I stopped blow-drying my hair as a point of habit sometime in or before my teens, for reasons that may be lost to history but definitely seemed like a good idea at the time. I don't think a blowdryer has been anywhere near me for a good five years or more; the last time I had a blowdryer was to dry an unhappy cat.

  • Keep hair as tangle-free as possible throughout the day. Go easy on the products.

  • Secure hair with something if windy or driving with windows down, to beat the tangles.


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