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Beltane: tradition!

Beltane has a tradition of assorted disaster in the household. 2001 was the Year of the Ants. 2002 had assorted dramas, including the ex (though nothing actually disastrous). There were car problems in 2003, the serious kind involving gasoline coming out of the tank in ways it was never intended to. 2004 was the Shrubbery's bloody "Loyalty Day", wherein I showed my loyalty by wanking and posting puntastic fanfic. 2005 involved the traumatic death of a stranger.

Most things about the holiday have been improving over the years, so I'm not scared about what assorted oddities today may hold, though I do have a bit of an internal duck-and-cover routine going.

Meanwhile, I am taking the opportunity to clean out bits of things. Cereal that's been sitting in the cupboard for over a year should be tossed directly, and I have done so. Who eats breakfast cereal? (Well, if I had milk on hand regularly, I might, but I don't, because I don't do the lactose thing.)

Happy Beltane, people. May it be blessed and all that good stuff.

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