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New Hair, Blue Hair

I put dye on the hair last night. I was ready for a mess, because I dripped blue all over the nightshirt when I was putting it on, but it seemed to soak all up into the hair (oo, damaged tips) so all I had was a bit of goo, and no blue. I have yet to unbraid it and brush it out (sirens woke me up, and I have to finish up my sleep cycle) but little bits should be nicely darkened and may even glow blue in the sunlight. Yay for blue hair, even stealth!blue hair!

I also did a baking-soda-and-vinegar hairscrub last night. It feels disgustingly icky when it's just the baking soda on there, but the vinegar rinses it all right out. Hair is feeling shiny and smooth this morning, and that is a good thing.

It would be great if I could actually cut down on the number of random bottles that are lurking around the sides of the shower. If I can actually switch the hair care routine to need less in the way of commercial products, I can afford to start getting small bottles that don't take up that much room, really.

I miss the peach-scented conditioner I used to use. It was a scent filled with all sorts of memories.

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