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The Myrtle of Venus with Bacchus's Vine

A point of snark for grammar bitches; a beta's resource -- -- things like "baited breath" and so forth.

Advice to Young Writers -- very sensible stuff. Via dduane.

Backbone providers and ISPs should maintain network neutrality. It's one thing for a site like LJ to prioritize paid users when there's a server crunch. It's entirely another thing for backbone providers and ISPs to be allowed to prioritize traffic from one site over another site -- say users trying to reach AOL got priority bandwidth going through time/warner-owned backbone bits over people trying to hit Google. If you're US-voting, make sure you tell your congresscreatures where certain parties can shove it.

"Danforth says that a same-sex marriage ban is a very silly idea.

Six° -- not the original, but a re-creation. At least kind of.

[Bush] tried to nip this part of the immigration debate in the bud by declaring flatly that the anthem should be sung in English and that anyone coming to live in this country should learn English. He stumbled on the word English but the point was taken.

Parody/Nintendoman, metaquotes.

It is the job of the civilian to support the military in return for the protection, and to keep an eye on the military and agree to be protected, and to help point out things that they'd like to be protected from. It is also the duty of the civilian to look at the military and say, "If protection means stomaching this particular atrocity, then maybe I don't want to be protected."

HP plot twist, free to a good home: a binary poison, the activating component of which is chocolate. Optional: it mimics the symptoms of dementor attack.

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