Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Outtakes from a plotting session with cmwinters:

(03:17:48) ***Azz is losing coherent rapidly, and only the built-in spellchecker with gaim preventing the typo now

(03:36:35) AzureLunatic: Passive voice takes away.
(03:36:43) AzureLunatic: Like. Um.
(03:36:50) AzureLunatic: Shawn set the toaster on fire.
(03:36:52) AzureLunatic: Vs.
(03:36:57) AzureLunatic: The toaster was set on fire.

(03:59:13) AzureLunatic: It's a weak intensifier.
(03:59:21) AzureLunatic: woo oxymoron!

(04:00:14) CMWinters: you said the betabrain woke up
(04:00:28) AzureLunatic: and the fact that I can go and picktopieces means that I see mucho potential.
(04:00:52) AzureLunatic: The rest of me is kind of swaying and going 'wow it's late'.

(04:17:13) AzureLunatic: ... horcruxionated??

(04:17:28) AzureLunatic: 'cause otherwise?
(04:17:32) AzureLunatic: zooooooooooooombie.

(04:30:02) AzureLunatic: I once was up like 24 hours (this was when I didn't do that) and then I had some Liquid Satan (v. strong coffee) and fell over asleep.
(04:30:34) AzureLunatic: Liquid Stan was some very snasty stuff.

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