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A recap of my week...

Monday: Beltane. Stayed in, caused kittens to tremble in terror at the almighty bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, and hung out on IRC. Blue, a long-lost Support volunteer who I didn't recognize, came in and talked about the glee associated with starting working out and getting quite fit indeed. I decided that why yes, I should run on down to the fitness center and hit the funky steppermachine for a bit.

Tuesday: Work. I came in to a disaster scene, and monitored a lot. Lots of people absent. Hit the funky steppermachine after work.

Wednesday: writers. I was disgruntled, profoundly so, after an interlude with the office wherein they were not grasping the idea that just because I *can* use the laundry room does not mean that it is not *profoundly inconvenient* to do so. It disarranges my lifestyle on a regular basis, in fact, and their proposal that I get up at eight the fuck o'clock in the morning before work is approximately like suggesting to someone with a normal schedule that they get up at 3 or 4 in the morning. No stairsteppermachine for me; did give plasma and do the writers thing. After that, I went Power Shopping, where there was more Power than Shopping, and the main point of the event was to get some groceries, some replacement underwear, and an hour of motion.

Thursday: Work again. Lo, there was commentary. Snarky Trainer (same lady, same snark, just no longer quite in her previous incarnations as Monitor or Supervisor) pulled me from my duties after the bulk of my monitoring was complete (after that point it would have been little bits of things that everyone can fill in for) and told me that we need a new training program for $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, and that I got to draft the first edition of it, since I was running it, monitoring it, and on the phones for it from time to time.

I had discovered about ten poor monitor reports on Tuesday. Snarky Trainer felt better that she was not the only one who was coming back and feeling that she had to hand out poor reports. I mentioned that part of it was because I was coming back to monitoring more regularly after being away with other duties for so long, and I was taking a long hard look what with the n00bs and all and doing some serious self-calibration. She also mentioned that 'net access in the monitor rooms was about to disappear, thanks to some ... individual ... complaining that the PC was broken because it would not connect to some site that was dreadfully off-topic for work.

Wound up working out after work. Strangely addictive.

Friday, I ran $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB and OMG BUSY. Didn't get home until after the fitness center closed.

Today, I monitored in the morning, then wound up going and starting work on the new training presentation draft. Forgot to go on break for a while. Oh, and worked out too.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get some more work on that in (enough that I'd feel proud handing it over to Snarky Lady to start debating over for revamping the training) as well as everything else, then hit the end of LepreCon.

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