Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Random Morning

Burping LJ -- Looks like the admins patted LJ on the back, and it's now glurking up old comment notifications and so forth. I am attempting to get up and out and ready for the day.

I got some spray-on sunscreen the last time I was at Target. Lotion sunscreen does not do so well with my fumbling and bumbling morning routine. I'm hoping that spray sunscreen will do a lot better. So far it has. I have put it on the past two days in a row, and that's better than my track record with lotion. I have skin that will tan, but I'm fair enough that I do not want to tan very much, and I will probably burn in Arizona sun anyway.

It is like there is a countdown to when I will finally ultimately lose the end-cap for Old Bean. The business end of the USB port is protected by a cap as shiny and silvery as the rest of the stick, and I have already managed to misplace it at least twice. I call poor design on the fact that it's hard to plug in headphones while the thing is plugged in to a computer. But then, it's not like it was supposed to have good design or anything.

So. I'm awake now, I've had sushi enough to fuel me through a morning of assorted design, so I'll be packing up my computer for the day fairly soon.

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