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so tired. too tired to write.

Say you have a fellow player in an MMORPG with perhaps a little more caution than good sense, and perhaps a little more $CURRENCY than is wise for that particularly low level. So where do you send her to exchange a little of that $CURRENCY for some experience?

A pwn shop.

Writers group. Yay. We have a form to fill out over the thing that is organizational. I am restoring my blood sugar. I was a little out of it when I went to give plasma because I didn't sleep quite enough and then I spent five hours head-down in powerpoint. That presentation is looking very decent. A presentation that's just a few pages is easy. Mine is over twenty pages now, and I could really use a hypercard stack to simulate the survey to lead people through it. Most of the tricky stuff is at the beginning, so that's where I'm hitting the hardest. I have the other presentation sent off to Management.

I still have to build the stuff for the inner parts of the survey. There are special instructions, but nothing as complex as the front bit.

Argh, hyper. I found my green highlighter. There's a photo of my highlighter stack on the badge in Petridish. I have ... rather a lot of highlighters. I use pretty much all of them, and a lot.

Boys are easy. Sorta.
I am so tired.

azwriter is reading some of her writing. She does Christian fiction. There was a "trust your instincts" moment, and meacu1pa and I started in with Star Wars goofing, miming a Darth Vader.

Really not my cup of tea.

Do you get head at a head shop?

There's ... um. Brain go boom. I think this is just as well. Collated copies. Cubicles. Lack of speakerphone.

I'm getting credit for the stuff I'm doing. Trendy Chick is getting credit for her helping out my spreadsheet. I get to code the, um. Thing. Seating chart thing. I need to start getting that coded. I should go and start ... hm, I'll take a look at the source code of ... right, ASP. So I want to go ahead and start learning some fun script things; maybe I can make a working prototype. Of course, that'll turn into something that gets kept, instead of doing it all right and proper, and the future generations of IT will curse me.

I've overloaded now, and I have a fic thing to be obligated to. So tonight that's probably going to be my thing. I may go home early. I may go home and sleep.


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