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Kaboom! And Powerpoint.

There was excitement tonight at work. There were viruses from booth 2 to booth 40. Everyone had to move out of there and into a new area. My consanguinary co-worker commented that it was this sort of thing that was very exciting and felt very important and urgent. (We give plasma at the same place. This leads to a certain connection.)

Tonight I was working almost exclusively on the powerpoint presentation for $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, and managed to crash PowerPoint about five times. There's this thing where it will crash if you do something with a connector, but I don't know quite exactly enough to reliably duplicate it. On about the fifth time, I followed the bloody link to MS, and of course that meant hey, there was an update! Of course, I don't have root on my box, so I couldn't do it myself. Snagged the URL, described the problem to the best of my ability, asked where I should send it.

Turns out that Dave Matthews Band Fan was still in the building, so Obso1337 Super told me to sneakernet my tech support request over there. So I did. We had a field trip back to field (he was getting tired of doing whatever he was doing, plus I suspect he has a soft spot for me, since I'm Reasonably Geek and will occasionally bring in doughnuts for those dreadful mornings after the overnighter) and he poked and prodded at my box. PowerPoint of course failed to reproduce the problem, but since he trusts my general ability with computers, he poked around MS for a while. Lo and behold, I was missing a service pack. He mentioned beating his head against a wall. He tied up my box with updates for the next hour, and I assisted with stuff here and there, doing cleanup and user help.

It still strikes me as amusing that when people have computer errors, they are coming straight to me first, as a matter of course. I am the #1 geek regularly in Field.

While Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek was still poking at my computer (well, the box I was on, and all the other decent boxen in Field were taken, and I needed one to myself for working on the presentation) he started grumbling about Stupid End-User Tricks, and how not only had viruses gotten on computers in the areas, but someone had tampered with a box in the server room! Then we got onto the topic of silly mouse tricks; he wanted an app to be able to just scribble with the mouse. Not Paint, but just draw all over the desktop. I mentioned I'd seen something called "Mouse Droppings" that did just about that. This resulted in discussion about various counterproductivity apps I had seen. That resulted in him coughing up more detail about the tampering with the box in the server room: it had been a desktop altered to mimic a system crash.

OMG. I cracked up. The story emerged: he had blamed Obso1337 Super for it; Obso1337 Super had denied all knowledge of this. Since Obso1337 Super has a very bad innocent face, and can bullshit with the best of them (in fact, it is strongly thought that all the words coming out of his mouth are BS, because he is "always right") it was assumed that he was in fact the responsible party. It had in fact been the April Fool's Day joke that Stressy College Chick and I had been planning to spring on the rest of Field. We'd planned to go "OMG DIALER CRASH!" to the rest of the supervisors at lunchtime.

Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek had thought that one needed admin rights to set the wallpaper. In point of fact, I hadn't realized that it had stuck! From my perspective, it was applied for about five seconds, and then it would just disappear.

I pointed out that it would have been pretty easy to track down the real culprit, because the image (called "kaboom.jpg", incidentally; I wonder what would have happened if I'd made a "hello.jpg") was in my folder on the system. \\......\[AzzL]\graphics\kaboom.jpg is not exactly a stealthy way to play a prank on IT. If I'd been trying to prank IT, I would have stuffed any image into Poser-Geek Super's folder on the system. (And I would have been logged in as the generic supervisor login when I made the image.) Poser-Geek is known as a prankster, and doesn't work here anymore, and can't catch consequences.

He had evidently been very irate at the time. He said I was lucky that he hadn't looked ...

Trendy Chick was rather boggled by the idea of such a scrawny little geekboy being so immensely wrathful. I got it -- it's a box under his control, so he's responsible for it.

But we had a good old laugh about it. I laughed about as hard as I did about the BVD drive. Which reminds me...

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