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Random stuff:

Good Gods. James Bryant's name was used in vain in a 419 that I just got. The scandal of it all!

I went shopping, and got enough bathroom tissue to last me another year. I am bachelor. Yay.

Gave plasma. Someone stuck me badly but not particularly painfully. Fortunately, the person who knows my veins and sticks me cleanly was right there and got me all fixed with no fuss whatsoever. There was some horror movie on. I escaped it with the aid of the mix stick and a half-decent romance novel.

Worked out for 45 minutes, more or less, while my laundry was in the dryer. Someone else was on the funkystairstepper when I came in, so I had to make do with first the bike and then the armflapper until he picked up his noisy cellphone and took himself elsewhere. I was feeling very tired and unenthusiastic, but I convinced myself to go through the whole 30 minutes. I didn't feel like coming back for seconds.

I always know that I've had an effective workout when I am done with it and am suddenly realizing that I am moving like I have painful and limited mobility, rather than my usual overenthusiastic habit of bouncing and/or running everywhere. (I probably look a sight at work, given that when it looks like someone needs help, I will scurry/run over there. People do not expect plump women in long black skirts to run places in the workplace.)

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I think I should like to see President p_o_u_n_c_e_r.

I have a cellphone. Truthfully, I would probably do almost as well with just a home phone, but I call Darkside on the weekends. Before I got the cellphone, I would stay at home on Saturdays and Sundays until I had talked to him. Aside from work, my number one obligation on the weekend is calling Darkside. "Obligation" makes it sound like I do this unwillingly or at best grudgingly, but it feels like honoring a Contract, rather than being forced to call him against my preference. If he had been a little more receptive to the idea that friends this close are forever, not just until we get done with college, I might not have insisted so hard that we remain in close contact. But he was himself, and I was Stubborn, and here we are.

After I got in from laundry/workout and got myself showered, I hung with #lj_support and had a glass of cheap wine. One glass of wine makes me dreadfully typographically unsound. It wasn't even a full glass, either -- I'd put three ice cubes in it since the wine wasn't chilled and cheap sparkling wine does taste somewhat more palatable when chilled. Though I am an un-cultured whatzit who doesn't know from wine anyway.

JC recommended this to me: It is shiny. Shiny and blue.

LORDI looks like Klingons in their costumes. Just sayin'.

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