Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Woke up.
Put laundry on and worked out. Took shower. Retrieved laundry.
Played LJ.
Went to give plasma.
Requested the cute short girl with the dark short curly hair up in the ponytail to stick me -- the hyper guy with the dolphin earrings was setting me up, and he does not know my veins and he is fucking hyper. (She stuck me a little more clumsily than usual, but I trust her to get it right with a minimum of anguish and she did not disappoint -- I barely flinched even though there was some discomfort. Someone else, they might have been prying me off the ceiling.)
Went to writing group.
Not many people there. azwriter and the NOLA novel lady were there and chatting. I know that azwriter does not mean to be a conversational bulldozer. Sometimes she is. I tried to weigh in; I got bulldozed; I shut down. Came damn close to folding up and leaving at that point.
M can't get in at the 6pm start time anymore, as she has Work. There was fun with family trees and stuff. I shared the parts of the hisssstorical fic that I had done, and gave context, both for the writing department and for the relationship to canon.
Dinner nice and quiet. M knew what she wanted before the waitress took our orders! OMG! World ending!
Dropped by to see dustraven and trystan_laryssa. dustraven's training class at GoDaddy starts in June. I may well look into this.
Home too late. Shower.
Bed now.

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