Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Little random bits of work

Another day. Crashed the dialer. (Ooops.) Only 23
hours downtime; I guess I picked a good day/time to
crash it. (Ooops.) (I had a typo on the line that
indicates where in the flat file the dialer is to look
for the number it is dialing.) Trendy Chick helped me
find it. I admitted it to Stressy College Chick. Did
not mention it to Rev. Not-So-Nice Supervisor.

Working on the spreadsheet. It is slower going than I
thought it would be. This is how real life works.

"The Trio" has become known to the rest of the
bullpen. Stressy College Chick almost said something,
but it was fortunate that she didn't, because the
Hyper Gamer was sitting right on the end and can
therefore hear everything we're talking about across
the bullpen.

"When 'keepin' it real' goes wrong!" -- the new
trainee supervisor

Rev. Not-So-Nice Supervisor brought in cupcakes. They
are the kind that have the colored things in the
batter. This led to the new trainee talking about her
brother's magic brownies.


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