Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Quiet Sunday morning...

14 interviewers supposed to be assigned to the job.
8 interviewers seated on the job.
5 bother to show up at all.
4 show up on time.
1 leaves early.


I am running the job today.
Nice of Obso1337 Super to tell me I needed to come in
at 7, not 8 as scheduled.
By the schedule, I was early, with doughnuts.
By what the job needed, I was late. (With doughnuts.)

IT showed up last night to look at the second
downtime. Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek was in early to
take a look at the dialer logs. The rest of IT came in
a little later for some scheduled maintenance. I asked
if tomorrow should be a doughnuts day. The response I
got was not particularly encouraging for what they
were going to be up to.

IT was still here when I arrived at 7:45 with

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