Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

And it go boom.

Oh dear. The new woman? The one with the NOLA novel? Stomped out. She and M have not been getting along at all. We wound up going around in a circle. She wound up at the end of the circle. trystan_laryssa showed up tonight, hooray! Unfortunately, she fell right before this woman in the reading order. The woman did not double-check with her to see if she had anything. Doom and gloom ensued when M asked trystan_laryssa what she had to read. She did have something.

I whipped out the timer (I'd been timing turns for everybody) and started timing her explanation of the backstory. The NOLA novel lady started packing up her stuff and went to leave.

"It worked," she muttered to M as she went out the door.

Cue rant from M about the woman's infantile attitude. Note the assenting silence from the bulk of the group; trystan_laryssa was boggled at being thrust into the very uncomfortable situation.

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