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Towel Day! (and other braintrivia)

Remember, today (May 25) is Towel Day. Do you know where your towel is?

I'll probably be running jobs today (eep, "today" already) so I'll be sure and include today's holiday on the job information memo.

In related news, Loonie go to bed crash hard sleep. Like, soon.

My nice-ex can tell a lot about my mental state by the typoes I make. Is a good and comforting thing.

Must e-mail Darkside re: birthday. Must also attempt to search for good chicklitfic for M. Xena, lesbians, historical, and serious a plus. Of the two, Darkside is priority. Always priority.

bujold_fic is still making with the good stuff. A challenge just finished up.

Recovering my music from iTunes is a good thing. My precious old R.E.M. albums return!

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