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Called V (the owner of the car I've been carsitting) Thursday night to confirm pickup plans. She'd been scheduled to come back home today. However, her plans got changed on her. So I talked her battery down while grocery shopping.

Tonight I got to go on break at 6, and dinner fairly disappeared. So I called her just to check in, because I thought she'd need a friendly voice again. (She's dealing with Family.) There's not really much you can say to someone with a relative who is barely alive because modern medicine can keep them alive, the cause of their illness is mere age, and the joy has gone out of life. "I hope [the] passing is peaceful" hardly touches on it.

She'll be back next Friday, the 2nd of June.

I'm hoping to get 4th June off, in celebration of Birthday. Work already promised me a great present, though, so I won't be complaining (too much) if I can't get the day off. There is plot to have a potluck to celebrate Cinderella's birthday. Date of the potluck? The 4th. *grin*

Working in the morning and celebrating with Darkside in the afternoon wouldn't be too bad of a way to spend the day.

Work is offering crazy overtime. I just might take some of it, if there's any left on Sunday afternoon. I'll be running jobs Saturday and Sunday, so I'll know just how much energy I have left over. But it's the last Sunday with the car...

Have trimmed the paperwork at the end of the shift down to the bare minimum. I still have to deal with the paperwork from the phone goons, but it feels like a lot less to do now that I can pull a few things, plug them into a spreadsheet, and have three different reports generated for me, and some more stuff calculated to copy. (Have not yet figured out how to get it to print sweetly. Shall work on that.)

Came home to cheesecake and strawberries. Hooray cheesecake and strawberries. Before stepping in, though, I took a detour to the fitness center and did a few minutes on the funkystairstepper, because it's been a while since I've had the time, and I deserve a little proper relaxation like that.

You know you may have been working too hard when working out becomes a treat to look forward to at the end of the day if you get out early enough. But with the UnF Spreadsheet, I may get out earlier than usual on a regular basis.

The name of the other spreadsheet is officially "TPS Report" now. Ha! We did it! Hooray Pink Shirt Guy!

Developed method of looking up the phone numbers of someone's interviews, for use on correction form. Go, me. Go, pretty phone goon girl who sometimes does switchboard, for giving me the idea.

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