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I don't have time for a life.

The UnF spreadsheet is in beta. Glee!

Am at 38.something hours as of now. Tomorrow is at least another 7. I might be called to stay later.

Obso1337 Super was the head of my team, but as of Thursday, they all swapped around. Now Cinderella is. This is causing some chaos and confusion, as they're each used to their own jobs, and they switched.

There are sample issues to the point where we're calling this one poor guy over and over and over on a whole bunch of different phone numbers. Phone goons are instructed to dispose of the call before they get him if at all possible (he gets calls at XXX NN%-%%%%) and if they do get him, apologize. Sampling would be looking more into it if only their time were not $60/hour and more on weekends, and this is a bloody weekend. We are documenting.

Called Darkside. Eventually. Called him when I got off work; it was bad timing: they were watching a movie. I did my laundry and worked out for half an hour. Calling him back yielded bedtime; this weekend not good time to talk to Code Monkey. Next weekend, he might or might not have time to come over to see me for my birthday. Other events on Friday and Saturday take priority. Understandable, but disappointing. *BEST* friend. In universe. *pouts*

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