Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Zombie time.

Today was the kind of workday that left me running around and then exhausted. We were closing up May a day late, which totally bites. On the other hand, the phone goons were telling me that they really needed me there yesterday, as they were sure that I would have computer-geniused things all better.

I finally got to go on break at 7:30. $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB dismisses at 8pm on normal days. I got to miss the part where Obso1337 Super noticed that the dialer was about to crash because we had too many people on one task.

One lady's brother had been missing for about a week, and they feared he was dead. She got a call from him on break. It is not part of my normal job duties to hug one of my phone goons who is openly bawling in relief and pent-up reaction, but some days are just not normal.

$SP_ISSUE_SIDE_JOB is grumped with me, because they did not wind up going on break until far too late.

Muttering "...bitch" after the respondent hangs up on you is right out. So is telling the respondent that because they got all nasty with you, you're going to take your time entering the refusal/call results. BAD phone goon. No break card. ...Though I am understanding enough to let someone take a few minutes to collect themselves after they've been told the inevitable consequences should they keep violating company procedures in such a flagrant fashion. Though it should not have been that much of a surprise.

The Used Car Salesman was not on my job today. Happiness is mine.

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