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Am I is or am I is not running this job?

Metal Dave is running the job tonight. All I have to do is keep an eye on it before he gets here.

In the real world, this translates to a leisurely entry of the relevant data to the spreadsheets and other forms, as this end of the shift is not a one for panic.

The bad situation on the phones the other day, thank goodness, has been acted upon.

Occasionally one of our phone goons runs into a nasty, nasty, nasty situation when dialing. In this case, a child (old enough that breaking into tears at the slightest provocation is unusual) broke down bawling at a question that should not have occasioned tears. Then there were sounds of violence. The phone goon was traumatized. (Understandably so!)

He hadn't the presence of mind to note down the number, but he came to me, and together we wound up piecing together enough information that our Holy Interviewing Programs Geek in back could retrieve the number. The office did a reverse lookup, then asked Directory Assistance for the local non-emergency police number and requested a welfare check.

I just hope that's enough. I had one of those calls once, and that's standard procedure here. ...I hope it isn't made worse.

Metal Dave is not yet here. I don't know if he'll show at three or not. He was supposed to be in at two.

Coffee last night may have been a mistake, but it certainly kept me going. I was *on*. When I am *on* like that, you do not the fuck get in my way. Obso1337 Super was watching the numbers, because that is a lot of watching to do with that many people and that tight of a thing. We still went over in some cells.

I am getting to be geeking about the job now.

Figment nagged me about GoDaddy.


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