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A day at work, whee work.

OK, it's official. What's-his-face annoys me. ...And I left the window open and my seatmate saw the note in progress and asked who "what's-his-face" is. Erm. At least my seatmate is a girl, so she knew it isn't her?

The former lead monitor keeps printing the monitor reports before they have fully loaded. At least four people have talked to her about the issue. I have talked to her about the issue at least three times. Grumble, grumble, grouch. If I have to talk to her one more time about it, I cannot vouch for my general sanity and/or tactful handling of it.

Mending fences with the Figment. Calling before 11am is Right Out, but he's perfectly welcome to call otherwise.

Clarified the TV misunderstanding -- it wasn't that it was used that is the bothersome factor for most people. If someone just says "Hey, I want you to have this," of a used TV or something, it's kind of creepy, because if it's still useful to someone, and then they want to give it to someone else, is there something wrong with it, are they a stalker, what?

However, if it's a situation where someone has upgraded and the old TV is still good but of no more use to them, that's a legitimate motive for wanting to get rid of the thing that does not involve being a creepy stalker or someone who wants to ditch something with something wrong with it, like hot property or a lemon or explosive or something.

One dude wound up being a guest author for my work-based comic, because of the Do Not Call List quip he made. Many people do not know that legitimate survey research are not one of the classes of places banned from calling under the Do Not Call List. This leads to certain kinds of bad little situations. Thus quipped the dude: "You're on the 'Do Not Call List'? Well, I'm on the 'Do Not Care List'."

V came by with my spare keys. She slept in, took a dip in the pool, had a good relaxing morning. I left one of my coffee cups in her car. I introduced her to the workplace, a bit.

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