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Assorted breeds of fun

Got done with work in a timely fashion. Got very frustrated with people sitting on screens today. The one dude who un-quit earned a surprise visit from me, complete with pounce-the-back-of-the-chair. He had one of the good chairs for it, too.

We have three releases of chairs in the phone floor: 1.0, great big huge sturdy chairs with no controls; 2.0, slightly smaller softer chairs with an up-and-down control and ability to rock back and forth; and 3.0, which are smallest and least sturdy, but have up and down as well as back height, back tilt, seat tilt, extended seat tilt, and occasionally the ability to keep the seat tilt lever in the free-swinging position to simulate the rock-back-and-forth action of 2.0.

The dude was sitting in a 2.0 chair, which has a back that can be easily leaned upon with both hands. There is no easy way to disable the rock on chair 2.0, so when your supervisor comes and pounces your chair-back, you feel it. He was not entirely happy at being caught slacking.

A far funnier moment of interviewer correction came earlier in the day. An introduction has the phrase "risky behaviors" in it. We have many Spanish-speaking phone goons, many of them with Spanish as their first language. (I'm operating with a handicap as a monolingual supervisor, in point of fact.) A lot of the jobs we have in are bilingual jobs. This particular phone goon's accent turned the slightly alarming "risky behaviors" into the unbelievably inappropriate "risqué behaviors". I called him off into another room to explain that one, and to have a mini-workshop on practicing the proper English pronunciation of "risky". He started out alarmed, but (as I had expected) it quickly degenerated into rather a lot of giggles once I explained. He's now going to be exaggerating the eee at the end of 'risky' rather more than an English-as-first-language interviewer, but that's far preferable to the alternative. I can tell that one's going to wind up as an injoke rather similar to the infamous "PORNINFO" situation. ("Er... I think you meant to type 'PORTINFO'...")

One of the inbounders has been repeatedly offered a higher position, but has declined it on the grounds that she wants a life. Surprisingly, I got out of there an hour after the phone goons left. And that was even with the one dude who got stuck on a call with a hostile respondent. This dude is not too great at navigating complex concepts in English, and he just so happened to get a loud, curious, half-deaf, self-righteous old male respondent. Patriotic, for certain definitions of the word. I was called into service, and spent another ten minutes battling the guy. I was getting antsy and looking for an excuse to end the call gracefully when the guy started in on the issue he'd been skirting around: my interviewer is Mexican. At the first official salvo, I snapped that there was no call to be insulting to my employee, and stated that I was terminating this call.

Once the call was safely terminated and I was in the bullpen, I clearly and crisply made the statement, "Please allow me a moment of rage." Then I screamed out "Goddamn fucking racist bastards!" at the top of my considerable lungpower, while stomping up and down with both feet and a great deal of vigor, after the fashion of a five-year-old throwing a public temper tantrum. The rest of the available supervisors were stunned. I guess they hadn't taken the "rage" part as seriously as they might have? I did warn them, after all...

He may not be one of my best interviewers. This may not be the job for him. But he's one of my interviewers.

Miss Thang was scheduled in today, but did not show.

After getting out of work for the evening, I walked home and looked up local bookshops of the right sort. I located a few that might work, and set out in search of rainbow stickers. The mission was a success. I applied the long rainbow strip to that place right under the middle taillight on the trunk-ridge, and the blue-and-purple-and-pink mini-flag to by where the license plate will be. The Darth Vader inner-side-of-the-window decal from Atomic Comics is also a good thing. I picked up a new shredder at Fry's Electronics.

By the time I actually got home, it was 9:30. I worked out. They didn't come and kick us out until almost 10:30. I am a little stiff and sore in consequence. I wore bad shoes on the funkystairstepper. That was a bad, bad decision. Proper support is necessary. Feet were complaining.

Thalia is not playing sound. I'll reboot her and see what happens. There was an update to Firefox that hasn't been installed yet, and I did have some MIDI files in open Firefox tabs.

Depending on a number of factors, Darkside might or might not show up today. I'll try not to be too much of an optimist, so I won't descend into pessimism should he not show. Hopeless Optimism dictates that I wear sweats and a nightshirt, so if he shows up at some uncanny morning hour, I'll be something like not naked.

Happy Birthday to chorus_of_chaos! May this year be better than all previous years, twin.

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