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night turns into day

I did Stupid Thing with microwave wax and now my sink is full of microwave plate with schmears and globules of wax and not-microwave-safe plastic stuck to it.

I look forward to tomorrow. Wednesdays are not much time, but they are good for what they are.

Thursday is likely to be inconvenient. I dare not stay out late Wednesday, for I am to be in training with the Queen Bee on Thursday and Friday, potentially in the mornings.

My e-mail is down to under 100 items. This is good!

I have all my R.E.M. retrieved and rated. This is good! I am amused to find that "Country Feedback" is the only song that I rated below a 3.

"He wouldn't be our morally ambiguous blackhearted darling if he weren't so good at fooling people!" -- me to cmwinters on our faith in Snape and the existence of people who believe that Snape is the worst thing since nasally-fitted fire.

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