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Follow-up to an evening

I think this is some kind of Mac being mangled. Suitable for lovers of kittens and dislikers of computers!

Apartment still looks reasonably tidy. Go, me!

Writing group was just the core, and quiet. We all wound up spontaneously shutting up, curling up, and writing for a bit! It was amazing! It's also amazing how the energy there has soared since the departure of the NOLA Novelist Lady with the attitude/expectation problems. There was much hooting, hollering, and giggling, but otherwise -- quiet.

M came in later than usual, soaked to the bone and freezing. V observed later that M has gotten even tinier, and expressed worry about M's health and possible eating disorder status.

V brought back Tigereye! I booted her up, searched through for orphaned files, found none, and passed her along to hcolleen. She's grungy (she's a six year old laptop that's been through a lot, including a kid) and pieces are falling off, but she's reasonably reliable. Not sure how reliable without external keyboard she is. Old NIC is dying but still works at half-duplex/10mbps. hcolleen gave me a headphone-jack-to-tapedeck converter, so now I can play my .mp3s from the player in the car! Hooray!

I picked up my rainbow ring and put it on today, and it occasioned comment over dinner. It is pretty!

V may not know that I read lips sufficiently well so that the OMG BIRTHDAY presentation at iHop was not a complete surprise. I pretended to be surprised, though, and the grin and blush had no need of faking. I am loved. I wound up hiding my face in my hands, grinning, and giggling.

I still have need of a visit to a bookstore for my real present.

After dinner, I was still a little wired, and thus went shopping instead of going straight home. The car was in need of some basic safety gear. I got a Trunk Stuff Kit in bag (jumper cables, tow rope, flashlight, rudimentary First Aid kit) and three gallons of water to live in the trunk until they are rotated out. I'll probably be adding a few old towels and a change of clothes to the trunk as well, as those seem like things that would be useful in case of emergency, or even just in case of really wet rainstorm like today. I resisted the temptation to get an imitation barbed-wire license plate frame.

For me, I got some new shorts to replace my old ones that developed lots of holes. The ones that I retired today have in fact been around since 1995 or so! Granted, several of those years they spent boxed up in my closet in Alaska, but that's still pretty old for a pair of plain cotton shorts. (They were the purple ones that went with the green ones and the turquoise ones. I remember wearing the green shorts, a red shirt, and my purple hat, which matched my green, red, and purple pens, on one birthday. The purple shorts came with the green ones, and I know I had the green ones at CTY '95. Therefore, at least ten-year shorts.)

Now, bedtime. I have to be up and out tomorrow morning earlier than usual.

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