Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

A flying leap of cognition

Drew Rev. Not-So-Nice Super and put horns on him. He
totally dug the picture and snagged it. Go, me!

Drew a "dripping with sarcasm" cartoon for the Harley

Am busting assorted people for playing with their
electronic devices when they should be working, like
the iPod guy. "Busted!" I told him.

I think I am watching Mythbusters a little too much.

"An air sandwich! With mustard! ... So, basically, if
I squirt some mustard in her face, that's what I'm
giving her." --Rev. Not-So-Nice Super

Am singing little bits of random song here and there.
"Only thing to do is jump over the moon" is the scrap
of the moment. Another favorite is "Much rather wake
up, eat a coffee cake, take bath take nap".

Today is a good day for sketching. I should have
brought my work comic binder.

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