Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

No Loafing!

I am officially "loafing", and not on the clock. I had
to clarify this, because there were questions as I did
not appear to be working.

Loafing is reasonably OK, as I am not even pretending
to work. Getting computer fixed. I hope. I am online
with Dell Chat, whee. I plan to amuse myself with the
chat logs.

1:58:52 PMNishant_01120928Are you using a different
computer to chat with me?
1:59:02 PMYouYes. I am using a computer at work.
1:59:35 PMYouThey asked me what I was doing here; I
said I was loafing and not on the clock. ;)
1:59:54 PMYouThey said OK because it's my day off.
2:00:59 PMNishant_01120928I see:-)

WTF? HD on Inspiron 1000 is not a customer-replacable
part? I'll be getting a second opinion on that, d00d!

Steps to test the blamed thing. Lo, I am fucking
boooored. I await them with great waiting-ness.
...ah. Steps. Oi.

OK, I will be doing this. Once Turbo gives the system
back. And I will be attempting to make it run

Stressy College Chick thinks MySpace is for losers,
because it's only for teenagers. She says that
everyone at work who is on MySpace is a loser, except
for her friend who corresponds with her kids. Because
it's for teenagers!

I say that it's all about how you're using MySpace. If
you're an adult and using it to act like a teenager?
Then yeah, you might want to grow up. But if you're
taking it and using it in a mature fashion,
communicating with friends and having fun and avoiding
drama like a mature person, then it's just like an
adult maturely using any other teen-dominated method
of communication.

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