Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Chaos! Panic! Disorder!

Eeep! She's back!

"I know politics bore you..."

Eeep, redscreens. Gonna tell

That was fun. Told Turbo. Nondescript Geek came over
and is working hard. All is insanity. Priority on my
non-job-related PC problem = lowered! Ran around
assisting & being OMG GEEK SPEAK GEEK to the
Nondescript Geek; troubleshot a bad login record of
some sort and an IP address conflict out of a
gazillion non-problems.

Nondescript Geek is putting tracers on the machines
with repeated redscreens.

Name of the game is "don't panic". All told I may have
like .5 hour of chargable assist time, but for the
most part I am loooooooooafing.

I don't think I'll be able to give plasma today, but
maybe I can charge some of the time I spent
not-loafing and helping people out. Because OMG that
was a lot of redscreens. Nondescript Geek and Emo
Glasses Geek (a new guy) are going and doing a -t ping
to see wtf is up. Destination host is unreachable a
lot of the time.

I have our Naomi-necklace on. At least this is
distracting me from our own misery. There are certain
physical after-effects to bawling one's eyes out and
then staying up until dawn watching Princess
, no matter how decent I am feeling at
this point.

OMG tired.

Helping troubleshoot: earning my keep. Am legs and
eyes in some cases.

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