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There's a certain amount of mental freedom that comes with the "Oh, I'm going to do X thing to this machine." I have a certain amount of hardware geekitude, but not so much that I'm quite comfortable with it. But instructions from those whose geekitude I trust makes me secure in doing things that I haven't done before, like replace a laptop hard drive. Seriously, this machine, all you have to do is pull it out and push the new one in. So much easier than with desktop.

The hard drive is "not a user-replaceable part".

I've been on IRC with the usual suspects. IE may be behaving badly on my account, but it is not crashing too often on the guest account. I have a Cunning Guess about why it's not crashing, actually -- when CGI:IRC is open, the page is always half-loaded. Never fully loaded.

They're not shipping me a new HD. They're shipping me a box. Not like "boxen", like shipping box. I pull the wireless NIC and battery and AC adapter out of the system, and I ship the damn thing back to them. (Note: in cases of problem, love for the compeh evaporates like water on an Arizona sidewalk in the summer. But it comes back when things are solved. Ordinarily, my sweet Thalia would not be "the damn thing".) They shove a new HD in the machine and ship it back to me. (Or they give me an identical system with a new HD.) The HD will be blank, and the tech support chick who 0wns the case will be walking me through the reinstall. For lo, I am an End-User.

The 60gig HD that I got at Fry's Electronics is still in the package. The enclosure is not. Pretty thing. I now wonder if I shouldn't go ahead and shove the HD in the machine right now, install as I please on it, then put it in the enclosure. Those look like they're so much fun. Naomi wants to start a collection of hard drives, because she's just realized that OMG memory is cheap now. I'm telling her that she needs to get the tower in working condition first, and she's pouting, because that's too much like doing work.

Work was insane. Lots of people. I managed to make Avaya Centre Vu Supervisor cough up a Work State report on the split skill, and set the thresholds so I could see who was slacking at a glance and did not have to keep glaring at the reports. This leads to an almost supernatural ability for me to show up when someone is all slacking for a minute and bust them for it. Like the Philosopher was sitting on a refusal screen for two minutes playing Suduko. BUSTED! I am all for the dialer giving people breathing space. I am not for making oneself unavailable for calls by staying on the previous screen.

The Philosopher attempts to curry favor by bringing in treats for the supervisors. I am not the only one who finds him a little creepy. He is a very lonely old man whose concept of personal space does not line up to mine. He weirds me out seriously.

As of the time I left, I had clocked in about 42 hours. I am coming in late on Sunday so that I do not go over the limit of 14 hours of overtime by accident. I'm filling in for Ponytail Dave, and Grandma Cinderella and the new trainee will be doing the morning. The notes for Sunday II say that "...[Homie G] and [I] will be the go-to people..." That kind of intimidates me. I consider myself to still be a trainee, and here I am running the job? And essentially senior supervisor on the job??

Got Gemini's license plate today. I wonder if they make Vash the Stampede license plate frames, because the letters on it remind me of him. I practice divination by license plate every now and then -- it's an interesting form of divination. This license plate makes me smile. Anime: Drugs would be cheaper!

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