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Azure Jane Lunatic

51 hour week

Work was not as long as I expected it to be. I came in at 10:30 and wound up leaving at 7:45, which was less than 10 hours, and definitely less than the 12 hours I feared. I'm just too helpful -- I helped Homie G out with getting his people briefed. I'm accustomed to being on the phones and monitoring, so I was able to get the major issues that people face on the phones talked about. That ate up a half hour, and there were other things that weren't related to my job that I would up doing, and I was still developing the spreadsheet that does what I was trying to do.

I get rather overexcited when I finally get a spreadsheet doing the things I want it to. The UNF spreadsheet is becoming old news, and it allows me to do some stuff very quickly. There are new reports in addition to the TPS reports that I have to fill out on a nightly basis, and I shouldn't have to do all that work. It is clear that some of the responsibilities of management are being passed down to us; in return, I am passing along that work elsewhere. Not to another human, as that would be irresponsible of me, but to a spreadsheet.

It is vital that the department retain the ability to do the calculations themselves and not start depending exclusively on a spreadsheet that might go bonkers at any point in time. Therefore, taking up of these things is going to be very carefully done, and not lightly...

Have figured out how to calculate a midshift and daily checkin from the disk given stuff. Spreadsheet subtraction ahoy! Followed by number-crunching, and a cute little color-coded table.

I have the babble. It was one of those nights, you know? Two cups of coffee and I'm wired all day. Got to meet Stressy College Chick's kids. Put my alien-cloud on my computer desktop. I have a primal need to show off or something. Humble is something I try for but fail miserably at.

Got a nice .75-hour conversation with Darkside in. Figured out how to make Avaya CentreVu Supervisor cough up a Work State report for the split skill. ACW mode is something we're keeping an eye on. We geeked about ACW-mode, how to get in it but appear like you're not. They don't have a button to put themselves in, so how are they wedging their telnet to make them appear busy to Avaya? Rev. NSN Super says that's what they're doing, but I don't see how. Darkside suggested some rebooty.

He's very, very sweet. We met over computer stuff. It's only natural that we have some of our best moments together over computer stuff.

It's so incredibly nice to be able to come home after a week like this, call him, and hear his voice. And that's what I told him.

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