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Here, queer, and sooo tired.

Via raranax: The threat of gay marriage! ...I think I need a colorbar.

Today's a day off. I don't want to so much as move, really, but there are things that need to get done. I was up late reading. I'm into Blood Debt, and I think I'll be letting Darkside borrow the series. ...If he doesn't go screaming off with "Ewwwww!" when it starts mentioning Henry/Tony.

I've essentially been living at work for the past week, since Thalia wasn't working right and still isn't working right. IE has to crash twice before it will work, it seems, and Semagic and Firefox don't work at all. I don't even want to try Gaim.

At least I have my Windows XP Home Edition CD. Dell shipped it to my old apartment. DHL noted on the envelope that at the apartment 5 doors down from that, it was a No Such Person. They called me the morning after, waking me the hell up. I told them my current address (the address I'd verified with Dell twice on the call, before they shipped it to the wrong address) and said if I was not there, to please leave it with the office, because it is a Bad Neighborhood.

I returned home from work, to find my CD envelope thoughtfully leaned up against my door, complete with footprint on it.


I may or may not actually emerge from the apartment today.

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